In March 1997 our esteemed leader Mr Dick Burke our founder started our club called The Discount Shoppers Club.Mr Dick Burke.

He started to work full time (without pay!) on the research and development to start our enterprise on March 1, 1997, we were legally recognized and approved as a corporation on the June 1, 1997.

Dick started the new enterprise in an apartment over his garage. Soon after he started to hire the Club’s first employees, moved to a small 1,200 square foot office and launched the company’s marketing website

Since 1997 millions of people from around the world have joined ClubShop Rewards to get discounts and cash back when they shop online at our ClubShop Mall, or offline.

In December 2006, the DHS Club and ClubShop Mall were featured on the American television show, The World’s Greatest.

As of May, 2014, the ClubShop Rewards Mall is available to shop at in 71 countries.

As the DHS Club membership grows, so does the Club’s “Group Buying Power”, providing our Members with even better consumer and income opportunities and to help us accomplish our goal to become the largest consumer group in the world.

On June 1st of this year we will officially celebrate our 20 year anniversary as a company!  And nearly 6 million members.

As Mr Dick Burke look back over the past 20 years, he can see that our journey from start up to establishment, has been one of ups and downs, forwards and backs, and continuous efforts to improve the company and the consumer and business opportunities we offer. And he anticipates and plans to continue to make new improvements in 2017!

Please joined a great Rewards Program for FREE so that we actually “get paid to shop” online or offline – locally and around the world. I know this may seem “too good to be true”, but it works! It also allows you to earn money, by helping people to save money! To shop online at your connivance, at a discount, it is safer, you get Cash back rewards and pay points.

Our Club has two branches to it as follows:-

  1. Shopping on line.
  2. Doing the business.

So let’s start with the shopping side of things:-.

What is Online shopping it is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. Consumers find a product of interest by visiting the ClubShop Rewards website and into the websites of the retailer, which displays the same product’s availability and pricing at different e-retailers. This is allows shoppers, who are more motivated by time saving, interesting, convenience, discounts and recreational motives. It is estimated that Asia-Pacific area where New Zealand and Australia lies has increase by another 42% in the year 2013 putting them ahead by more than one-third of all global ecommerce sales. In 2016 the growth was at 65%. Online shoppers around the world are fundamentally disrupting retail–again, what a story.

If you are looking for ways to save money, which is what being a ClubShop Rewards Member will help you to do. Do you realize as a Member, you have also been provided with the opportunity to, not only save money, but to make money, too, with a global business as a ClubShop Rewards Partner.So I recommend you sign up as a Trial Partner Members URL is then click on Trial Partner:and complete the form.

The entitlements of a “Trial Partner” are included in those of both Affiliate and all Partner Members. As a “Trial Partner” you will get paid to shop online at the ClubShop Mall and offline with participating ClubShop Rewards Card Merchants.  You will earn ClubCash on all your Onlineshopping purchases through the ClubShop Online Mall and power points

Our worldwide online malls has thousands of online stores. Available in many countries around the world including your own.Here is a log in link for you to use:  The following steps, is how you go about Shopping on Line with Clubshop Rewards.Once in the mall, look under the “Shop Online” tab, here you can select the country that you are interested in dealing with.The “Online Mall Directory” and “Online Mall Categories” will change accordingly.

The “Online Mall Directory” has various online merchants listed in alphabetical order    The “Online Mall Categories” has the  online merchants listed by product category in alphabetical order here are some of them:

As an incentive to shop via the ClubShop Rewards you will receive a ClubCash bonus on your first purchase and a ClubCash bonus if you submit our online survey, URL

By submitting our survey, we will be able to target the products that you like and notify you of the specials you are interested in learning about. If you feel the that selection of merchants in the ClubShop Rewards Mall needs improving, let me know and we can discuss how we can go about it.

As a ClubShop Rewards Partner I can make recommendations for you and/or help you do things for your own gain.

Some antidotes:-

My up line Director who lives in the UK of American extraction goes to the USA at varying intervals to visit his Mother and Family. So to buy air tickets for his trips he goes on line through the ClubShop and searches for his best deals and gust where he finds it on our Italian Mall. So he buys his tickets at an advantage.

I personally use the ClubShop mall to buy presents for my children and Grand children who are Overseas in their country’s Malls. And guest what I can have it delivered at the exact time and date I require it with a card with my wording on it carried out online. What a surprise it is for my family so many kilometers away.

So let’s Talk about the businesses side of things:-

As a Partner, you will be able to refer offline businesses and stores to participate in the ClubShop Rewards Merchant Program, which I plan to start doing soon.    We can work as a team and you will financially benefit from your own efforts.If you are interested in seeing how our ClubShop Partner Business Opportunity works, you can opt in to get a 30 day free trial position as a Partner with our Trial Partner Program. Just go to now! Opt in and see how this works.  You will need your ClubShop Rewards membership ID to sign up. If you decide not to continue you can just cancel your position and return to your Shopper Member status.

You have nothing to lose and possibly a great deal to gain by becoming a Trial Partner, so why not give it a try?


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