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We are a Community of connected customers offering great products and services to the end consumer. Our main goal is providing this genuine platform called Trunited, which pays every customers for the commerce creation they do every month. In a nutshell, people are profit sharing from this amazing opportunity.

Join Trunited ...

We are members of Trunited who have joined this social commerce platform that benefits us every time we utilize and take advantage of whats on offer to us in the Marketplace. Trunited is a network of powerful consumers who use their influence and are loyal to brands that pays them to shop with the unique and powerful Pay Plan 360.

What we offer ...

We offer training, support and mentor-ship to those individuals wishing to learn more about making an impact in today’s e-commerce market place. Our focus is showing people how they can influence this fast growing social commerce industry by sharing Trunited where everyone gets paid to shop for purchasing everyday products and services.


Not a member yet? Create an account and earn profit points every time you shop on Trunited Marketplace.


With Each Purchase Comes the Opportunity To Earn Profit Points. More Points, Means More Pay!


With Each Referral Comes An Opportunity to Earn More Profit Points, Equals to Perpetual Pay!


Trunited Converts Points To Cash Monthly. Withdraw, Transfer or Spend. It’s Up to You!

We invite you to join Trunited and become a TEAM Member.

Glocal Club Team Members are ready, willing and able to start helping you develop your own Trunited Social Commerce Platform.

The Glocal Club Team Concept

Getting involved with us and striving for excellence with a can-do attitude is what each member of Glocal Club team should bring on board, anything is made possible when everyone on the TEAM is engaged and working together to accomplish a common goal to succeed. ( Together Everyone Achieves More )

When each members of the team is educating in a clear and effective manner that facilitates their learning and communication skills with others, there can be no questions or doubt what this brings to the level of performance of the TEAM.  Focus should be directed on “Training the way you educate and educate the way you train”

When the collaboration of a Leader is to works effectively with their team aiming to improve interpersonal relationships and social interactions, leading by example embracing the power of the team first and understanding that it is not a part-time activity but a commitment to represent and collaborate so that each member of the team succeeds.

The ability for a group of individuals or organizations to keep things in perspective so that the co-coordinating and performance of certain tasks that involve communications, strategy, objective setting and top performance of all goals are are achieved efficiently by all in the TEAM is the perfect formula for teamwork.

When people that have the right Attitude start working in a creative, innovative, and productive manner to make things happen with the right objectives to make the team as a whole accomplish and fulfil the mission at hand for the greater goal of the TEAM. That is when Synergy happens and “The sky is the limit”

  • Involvement 15% 15%
  • Education 15% 15%
  • Collaboration 20% 20%
  • Duplication 50% 50%
  • Synergy 100% 100%

What does it take?

A Good Strategy

A carefully carried out method for achieving a particular goal of an organization usually over a long period of time.

Great Planning

The process of thinking about and organizing activities required to achieve a desired goal involving creating and maintaining a plan.

Magnificent Organization

A socially unified team of people that is structured and managed to meet a specific need or to pursue collective goals.

Future Developments

Comprises of a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations.

The Power of a winning TEAM!

gc-building-successTeamwork separates the winners from the losers. Here at Glocal Club we want to set the standards each and every day, at every level.  We are building everything around a central focus point and our teams around shared values, without shared values, peak performance is not possible.

Team values must align with a purpose, mission and actions… putting the team first.  Sacrificing individual gains for the team’s greater good is the price we pay and keep paying to be part of the winning team.

Are you ready to become part of our wining team and prepared to succeed with our proven business building system?


What’s the level of trust on your Team?


Does your team share center point values?


Does your team capitalize on each others Synergy?


Is your Team walking the walk and talking the talk?


Does your team Communicate openly and honestly?

We invite you to join Trunited and become a TEAM Member.

Glocal Club Team Members are ready, willing and able to start helping you develop your own Trunited Social Commerce Platform.

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